Swatch Skinskin Pink Dial Silicone Strap Ladies Watch SVUT100


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Swatch Skinskin Pink Dial Silicone Strap Ladies Watch SVUT100 Exhibiting a low-profile ultra-thin Swatch case construction, the sun-brushed misty rose dial features gold-colored sparkling drill points and engraved horizontal lines. Its 40.0mm double-injection case is split along a curving line composed of a matte misty rose front and matte white plastic back. The look comes together with a matte misty rose silicone strap, misty rose silicone loop and matte misty rose plastic buckle. The Dial: This stylish Swatch SkinSkin SVUT100 wrist watch allows you the chance to express your individuality and uniqueness. The pink dial has an elegant design. It is accompanied by an elegant gold hand set as well as indices. The Case: A pink plastic case protects the inner mechanisms of the watch. It is complemented by a pink silicone strap. Also the strap fastens easily using a standard plastic buckle. The Functions: Highly reliable and accurate quartz movement powers this model. It also has a water resistance of 30 metres, making it suitable for light splashes. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !