Seiko Presage Automatic White Dial Two Tone Steel Ladies Watch SSA412J1 RRP £520


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Seiko Presage Automatic White Dial Two Tone Steel Ladies Watch SSA412J1 RRP £520 History: The Seiko Presage SSA412J1 is the essence of aesthetic minimalism: addition through subtraction. The Zen Garden, also known as the Japanese Rock Garden or Dry Landscape, embraces the principles of Japanese aestheticism. The Karesansui style, for instance, uses only rocks and sand. The patterns in the sand depict ripples and waves. This stems from a belief that the essence of water can be expressed more vividly through its absence. Closely associated with Zen Buddhism, many of the most famous Japanese rock gardens can be found in temples. In this serene setting, nature is simple and beauty is timeless. The Zen Garden is often associated with the difficult-to-translate Japanese term, wabi-sabi, which refers to the beauty of imperfection. Wabi-sabi celebrates the flawed, the impermanent, the rustic and the melancholy. In the case of the Zen Garden, it reminds us that beauty is present in the absence of materials, rather than in their abundance; in transient states rather than permanent ones. To many, however, wabi-sabi is not merely an aesthetic code; it is a philosophical characterisation of life itself. The Dial: Firstly, the design of the Seiko Presage SSA412J1 dial incorporates the rich texture of a Karesansui or Zen garden in which gravel is raked into serene patterns like waves or rippling water. The deeply pressed pattern on the dial creates dramatic shadows, as do the furrows of gravel in the Karesansui garden. Equally, the dial uses the same minimalistic design aesthetic as the garden, allowing the eye to enjoy both the free, uncluttered space and the powerful statement made by the hour markers under the curved sapphire crystal. Around the edge of the dial are classic Roman numeral indexes alongside the ever present Seiko logo at 12 o’clock, which give the watch a classic feel. A open heart window adds a classic feel at the 9 o’clock position. The Case: The design of the dial is refined and minimal, which really draws attention to the elegant textured design of the dial. It features a simplistic polished rose gold stainless steel fixed bezel that creates a visual barrier as it meets the brushed links of the bracelet. An embossed crown sits besides the 3 o’clock mark. On the flip side, the wearer is able to view the inner mechanisms of the watch through an open case. Both the front and the back of the watch make use of sapphire crystal glass, which offers peerless levels of protection against scratches and knocks. The Bracelet: A 5 link style stainless steel design makes for an attractive bracelet. A contrast is created through the brushed finish of the two outer and the one middle link, whilst the other two links have been finished using a polishing technique. This draws attention to zen garden design of the dial. It fastens using a deployment clasp. The Functions: This watch is powered by an automatic 4R38 caliber movement. An automatic movement is one which is powered by the natural movement of the wrist when walking or working. It too comes with a manual wind capacity which by spinning the crown provides power to the hands. The experts at Seiko have deemed there to be a superb power reserve of 41 hours. This watch has a water resistance of 30 metres, making it suitable for light splashes. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !