Mondaine Essence White Dial Blue Cork Strap Quartz Watch MS1.32110.LD


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Mondaine Essence White Dial Blue Cork Strap Quartz Ladies Watch MS1.32110.LD This Mondaine Essence White Dial Blue Cork Strap Quartz Ladies Watch MS1.32110.LD combines a classic design with an eco-friendly design. A white dial is complimented by black indexes and hands, of which are powered by a RONDA 763E quartz movement. The red second hand is used to resemble the station conductors paddle from the Swiss railway network which is a common feature upon Mondaine timepieces. Surrounding the dial is a white case which is made from recyclable materials including castor oil and fossil plastics. Adding to the renewable materials, a blue cork strap can be fastened using a standard buckle. This watch has a water resistance of 30 metres, making it suitable for light splashes. Key Features: Essence Collection White Dial Blue Cork Strap Quartz Movement Swiss Railways Inspired 30m Water Resistant RONDA 763E White Renewable Material Case Hardened Mineral Crystal Glass Swiss Made Standard Buckle Matte Finish The Family: Essence Developed using eco-friendly sources, its renewable materals including castor oil for its case and natural rubber for the strap. This collection combines the brand’s classic minimalist appeal with modern eco-friendly design. It comes with a natural rubber strap and a reusable presentation case made from recycled PET bottles – perfect for holding a phone or sunglasses. The SBB essence collection marks a new era for the brand; built with sustainable materials, it is as eco-conscious as it is stylish. The Brand: Mondaine Renowned for their clean styling and trademark easy-to-read dials, Mondaine watches owe their origins to the “Official Swiss Railways Clock” designed by engineer Hans Hilfiker in 1944. It wasn’t until 1986 that the first Mondaine wristwatches appeared, with the iconic design licensed from the Federal Swiss Railways. A stunning combination of innovation and simplicity, Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watches proudly embody superb 20 th century design.