Mondaine Classic Quartz White Dial Neo-Mint Strap Ladies Watch A658.30323.17SBQ RRP £189.00


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Mondaine Classic Quartz White Dial Neo-Mint Strap Ladies Watch A658.30323.17SBQ RRP £189 The Dial and Case: This stylish Mondaine Classic Ladies A658.30323.17SBQ is a stylish reiteration that takes a timeless classic to a new level of aesthetics. The understated and refined design of the Mondaine Swiss Railways watch has been translated directly on to the dial. Likewise, the tone-on-tone hands and markers impart a timeless and minimalistic look and feel. It is a design that has stood the test of time and remained unchanged since it was first launched in 1986. Significantly, is a simple and clear look that draws inspiration from Bauhaus style. The case is equally as clean in its design, as it is made from brushed stainless steel. A gasket crown is also present besides the 3 o’clock mark, it is topped with a red Mondaine logo. Hardened mineral glass sits a top of the case as a means of providing protection against scratches and shattering. The Strap: The addition of a trendy neo-mint strap delivers this watch into the modern fashionable watching world. Indeed, its vibrance is reinvigorating and it gives it a presence on the wearers wrist that simply cannot be ignored. The fabric of the strap is also made from recycled materials. Therefore, allowing you to exhibit a strong focus on style, durability and reliability while being a responsible citizen of the world. The Functions: Highly dependable quartz movement powers this timepiece. Each model is hand-made in Switzerland, as well each model is tested for water resistance up to 30 meters and it comes with a 2-year international warranty. Quartz Movement 30mm Case Width Neo-Mint Strap Stainless Steel Brushed Case Regular Gasket Case RONDA 763E Pressed Case Back Hardened Mineral Glass 30m Water Resistance 16mm Lug Width Swiss Made Family: Classic The Classic collection showcase the iconic, minimalist design of the Official Swiss Railways clock. Mondaine’s Classic wrist watches feature a stainless-steel case, clean lines, and the distinctive red second hand. The Brand: Mondaine The history of Mondaine begins in 1944, with Hans Hilfiger. He was a Swiss engineer, who was working for the Swiss Railway Station, he decided to design a clock that would synchronise the departure time for all of the trains coming and leaving Zurich’s main station. The result was a clock that was powered by an electric motor, which controls the clock allowing it a complete rotation in 58.5 seconds. The red hand would then pause for 1.5 seconds and then jump forward to meet up with the minute hand again to allow it to synchronise with the master clock in the signal box. It derives from the red signs held by train conductors. Mondaine, originally founded in 1951, enjoyed a period of success after releasing one of the first timepieces to display a digital time reading on a wristwatch and the first LCD watch in 1957. However, it was not until 1986 that the design of the SBB Railway clock began to feature on Mondaine’s wristwatches. The famous white face accompanied by the bold red second hand and the black minute and hour hands would later become a timeless design used on not only wristwatches, but on pocket watches, alarm clocks, and even wall clocks. The love for the simple, timeless design of the Mondaine watch has been widespread, with the watch being sold in over forty countries and in thousands of sales outlets. The watch can also proudly hang in famous museums, train stations, airports, and of course in the SBB Railway Station. Links: If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !