Garmin Vívomove Heart Rate Premium Ladies Smartwatch 010-01850-09 43mm


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Garmin Vívomove Heart Rate Premium Ladies Smartwatch 010-01850-09 43mm Firstly, this Garmin Vívomove Heart Rate Premium Ladies Smartwatch 010-01850-09 43mm showcases the advances of the watchmaking industry. Also, the 010-01850-09 has a hybrid display of analogue and digital. Moreover, the rose gold dial has the ever present Garmin logo located just below the 12 o’clock position with a digital display appearing at the bottom of the dial. Furthermore, this watch is part of the Vivomove heart rate family making it perfect for fitness fanatics including features like step counting, calorie tracking and multiple training functions. The dial is touch screen and customisable, ensuring easy usability for your messaging and alerts. The advanced dial is protected by a rose gold fibre-reinforced polymer case. Finally, to equip this timepiece a grey suede strap is fastened comfortably around ones wrist using a standard buckle. This watch has a water resistance rating of 50 metres, making it suitable to be subjected to light splashes and surface swimming. Key Features: OLED Display 5 Day Smartphone Battery Life Sleep Monitoring Activity History Heart Rate Alerts Customisable Alerts Customisable Screen VO2 Max Gym Activity Profiles Ambient Light Sensor Altimeter Weather Autolap Floors Climbed The Family: Vivomove HR Fashionably fit is just steps away with this family. The stylish hybrid smartwatch features a touch screen with a hidden display. Real hands show as the default but when using advanced features such as messaging they will dynamically move away. Finally, this family is great for step counting, calories, and wellness tracking. The Brand: Firstly, Garmin is a highly advanced technology company founded in 1989. Garmin produces and supplies GPS technology in cars, planes and outdoor activities. Moreover, highlighting the multiplicity of the brand they have also began to dominate the smartwatch market recently. Also, they have began to rival big name multi-sport watch, such as Fitbit and Apple. Furthermore, they have established themselves in the market, by continually adding new advanced features upon each new release. Finally, this has earned Garmin the reputation, as being the ‘Porsche’ of multi-sport watches. Since then they have been able to add more advanced features once not thought possible such as music, messaging and even a heart rate monitor. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !