Casio Classic Pink Resin Digital Rectangle Dial Quartz Ladies Watch F-91WC-4AEF


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Casio Classic Pink Resin Digital Rectangle Dial Quartz Ladies Watch F-91WC-4AEF Defined by its retro square dial and case, this Casio Classic Pink Resin Digital Rectangle Dial Quartz Ladies Watch F-91WC-4AEF has been a mainstay of Casio’s offering ever since its inception. Within the digital dial, the time is aligned to the center with the day and date display appearing in the top right of the dial. The time can be displayed in both a 12 and 24 hour format to suit the needs of both parties. The ever present Casio logo is located at the top of the pink case to provide the authenticity of the timepiece. The dial can be illuminated via an LED light to provide easy visibility at night time. The mode of the dial can also be changed to an alarm, stopwatch or chronograph making it perfect for fitness fanatics. All these modes are powered by a standard quartz movement. This timepiece uses a strap buckle to fasten a pink resin strap. This watch has a water resistance of 30 metres, meaning the watch can be subjected to light splashes but should not be used for swimming. Key Features: Alarm Digital Display Backlight Pink Resin Case Square Case Chronograph Strap Buckle Day/Date Function LCD Dial Month Function Pink Resin Strap 24 Hour Dial 30m Water Resistant Stopwatch Quartz Movement The Family: Casio Classic The Casio Classic Collection includes some the most iconic watches the company has ever made. Popular today due to their retro appeal, refreshingly simple practicality, and understated styling, the Casio Classic Collection of timepieces are truly timeless and appeal to an almost uniquely broad range of people; proof that some things genuinely never go out of style. The Brand: Casio Casio was established in 1946 by Japanese engineer Tadao Kashio. The company entered the timepiece market in 1974 with the release of the Casiotron, the world’s first Auto Calendar watch. Only eleven years after entering this field, Casio completely reshaped global thought about the function a watch should perform with the release of the pioneering and now legendary G-Shock family. Innovation and world firsts have defined the company’s history ever since, the most striking of these being the release of the first ever touch screen watch in 1991, 24 years before the Apple Watch, and the first ever wrist camera watch in 2000. In short, Casio was producing smartwatches decades before the term had even been coined. Add to this the hipster popularity of the company’s retro designs, and Casio has firmly cemented its reputation as a famously reliable and precise name in both analog and digital watches.